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The Sharkticons have joined the battle in "Cyberverse"! Gnaw is armed with a mace weapon and razor sharp teeth that can tear his enemies apart. Check out my review and gallery of this new Warrior Class figure.

Super7 has announced its Transformers New York Comic-Con 2019 exclusive! This year Super7 will be selling a new version of their "Super Cyborg" X-Ray Action Figure featuring Megatron in translucent purple inspired by his "reformatting" by Unicron in Transformers: The Movie. Here is the official product information from Super7:

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These gorgeous figures, busts, and statues from DC Collectibles are must-haves for comic book and figure collections! Sculpted and designed by actual DC Comic artists, these collectibles of iconic villains and heroes are sure to awe and amaze for decades to come.

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!
Punch & Counterpunch are joining the ranks this weekend!

On The Inside

Gather your Alliance members for a chance to win:

- Up to 10,000,000 Energon
- Up to 10,000,000 Alloy
- Up to 100,000 Spark
- Up to 100 Operative Crystals with a chance to win a 4, 3 or 2-Star Punch or Counterpunch and lots of Crystal Shards!

Event type: Alliance Totaliser
Start Date: 20/09/19 10:00 UTC
End Date: 23/09/19 10:00 UTC
Prestige Allowed: 100
Bonus Experience: SUPER XP!

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Refraktor is very dedicated to his job. He loves to observe and record as much as possible, providing intelligence that the Decepticons can use against the Autobots! Check out my review and gallery of this awesome boxed set!

Ollie's has become popular among collectors for occasionally discounting Titan Class figures down to as low as $50 USD. However they also offer discounts on smaller items. This week the chain of discount stores has added a bunch of new Transformers items to its discounted items. These include:

  • Studio Series 24 & 25 Bumblebee 2-Pack: $19.99 (down from $49.99)
  • Cyberverse Thundercracker: $4.99 (down from $14.99)
  • Bumblebee Turbo Changer: $5.99 (down from $12.99)
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Whether he is flying through the air in his mechanical shark mode or battling it out in robot mode, Sky-Byte is a potent force on the battlefield. Combined with his Driller Drive vehicle he powers up more than ever before! Check out my review and gallery of this new version of Sky-Byte!

Yesterday Previews World revealed Masterpiece MP-38 Burning Convoy, based on the character's appearance in the Beast Wars II movie! Now thanks to BWTF Sponsor BigBadToyStore we have a ton of new photos of this release! (Read more...)

Last year Hasbro and Takara Tomy released a new version of Nemesis Prime and since this is one of the easiest (yet coolest) redeco options out there, Takara Tomy is doing it again! A new listing has appeared on Takara Tomy Mall revealing a Siege Nemesis Prime! Here is the official product description (translated via Google Translate):

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Back in June 2019 Fan Site TFW2005 revealed a series of upcoming "Authentics" style Titan Changers figures. Unlike the previous "Alpha" and "Bravo" assortments, these Titan Changers are each a little over ten inches (about 25.4 centimeters) tall and feature simplified transformations aimed at younger fans. The three characters in the assortment are Bumblebee, Megatron and Optimus Prime. (Read more...)

Previews World has posted a new listing for Masterpiece MP-38 Burning Convoy. This figure is a redeco of the Masterpiece MP-32 Optimus Primal figure in red and gold colors based on his appearance in the Beast Wars II theatrical movie! Check out the official photos and description below:

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Inspired by G2 Sideswipe, "Covert Clone" Sideswipe joins Trenchfoot and Slamdance in hunting down the Phantomstrike Squadron! Check out my review and gallery of "Covert Clone" Sideswipe from the Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce.

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Combiner Beacon and Gmetal are coming soon to the game!

The Operative

Take part in this weekend's event to win:

- Up to 30 Tool Boxes*
- Up to 3,000 Prime Core Shards
- Up to 30,000 Spark

*Each contains a random Kremzeek Battle Booster, 4-Star, 3-Star or Premium Shards.
Event type: Individual Totaliser
Start Date: 13/09/19 10:00 UTC
End Date: 16/09/19 10:00 UTC
Prestige Allowed: 30
Bonus Experience: Triple XP

How to Participate?

Takara Tomy Mall has posted four new listings: Apeface, Crosshairs, Direct Hit and Power Punch and Shinji (aka Singe). All these figures are due out in late February 2020 Along with the listings they have posted some beautiful stock photos of the actual toys themselves and not renders, giving us the best look at these figures yet! Check out the official product descriptions and photos below:

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Trenchfoot is a Battle Master who joined the Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce to stop the Phantomstrike Squadron! Check out my review and gallery of Trenchfoot.

Grand Slam is a war veteran who seeks to record the horrible sounds of war for posterity. He is paired with Raindance who is a daring photojournalist. Together they can combine to form Slamdance! Check out my review and gallery of Grand Slam and Raindance from the Alphastrike Counterforce boxed set.

At SDCC 2019 it was announced that the Siege Refraktor sculpt would be used as the foundation of a Refraktor 3-Pack! This set would feature new decos based on the Generation One Reflector action figures along with additional parts. Even better, the packaging is designed to look like a digital camera you would buy in a store. Originally intended as a HasCon 2019 exclusive this sent was intead funneled to online venues. (Read more...)

Thanks to the folks at IDW Publishing, Ben's World of Transformers is proud to present an advanced review of "Transformers: Galaxies" #1. "Galaxies" is a new spin-off title focusing on the Transformers characters in small story arcs. The first group up are the Constructicons!

Sideshow and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, Inc. have announced a new Optimus Prime statue on Facebook! This statue features a special paint job making it look like Optimus Prime's animated form. This statue is up on Sideshow's site now for pre-order at a price of $159.99 USD. There is no release date listed just yet.

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Grab your favorite ‘bots at a special discount as part of this Bandai Spirits sale!


The 6-inch scale Black Series figure is detailed to look like the character from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, featuring premium detail and multiple points of articulation. $21.99

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